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How do you like to fish for Atlantic Salmon?

Perhaps you’re a serious caster who relishes the prospect of a large holding pool with a steady flow – a chance for you to flex your casting muscles, methodically covering every inch of the pool in search of a taker you know is there somewhere. Or maybe you’re a hunter, poised rod at the ready, peering intently in to the clear waters as your guide eases the canoe silently downstream. For you it’s about the thrill of the stalk. You may be a wanderer. Not for you the intensity of the hunt or the physical demands of distance casting.  Instead you choose to meander with the river, admiring the scenery, observing the wildlife and occasionally flicking a fly in to likely looking resting spots – dancing riffles, smooth glides and churning back-eddies.

Maybe you identify specifically with one of the above scenarios, in which case Camp Brûlé will be delighted to accommodate your preferred style. However, in all probability you are, like most anglers who return here year after year, a combination of all of the above – a salmon fisher. By visiting Camp Brûlé you will find it possible to utilize your complete array of angling skills and presentation options. The rivers of the Gaspe are challenging and generally speaking success is dependent upon equal measures of stealth, finesse, perseverance and favorable conditions.

We believe that Camp Brûlé offers one of the most satisfying Atlantic salmon fishing experiences to be had anywhere in the world. This does not mean we offer catch rates that would compare with the premier rivers of Russia or Iceland nor average fish sizes that could match certain Norwegian rivers. We charge accordingly and we do not offer false promises or set unrealistic expectations – experienced anglers have returned home fishless in the past and they will do so in the future. And time after time the novice angler catches more than their experienced fishing pal. This is Atlantic salmon fishing - Gaspe style - and it is gloriously unpredictable, impossible to master and positively addictive.


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By fishing through till dark we
catch a lot of 'magic hour' fish.


A few prime slots still
available for 2013.
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