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to fish the Gaspé

since 1883

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At Camp Brûlé we are committed to maintaining the traditions of the past and nowhere is this more evident than in our approach to the profession of guiding.

To ensure a stress-free day on the water our guides are briefed to manage the allocation of pools within the beat and alternate anglers to go first through the pool. Years on the river have equipped our guides with an intimate knowledge of our pools and at all water levels they will have a good idea of where the salmon will be lying. The clarity of our rivers means it is also possible for our guides to ‘spot’ fish in much the same manner as their counterparts on New Zealand’s trout rivers or Florida’s bonefish flats. With their knowledge of the river and keen eyesight our guides will ensure that both anglers receive equal opportunity to catch and release fish.

Each canoe is equipped with all the fundamentals required for a safe, enjoyable and productive day on the water; comfortable seating, lifejackets, first aid kit, well stocked cooler, thermometer, landing net and camera. In addition our guides carry a good selection of their favorite flies. For beginners our guides are all able to take care of the essentials in terms of setting up your fishing equipment, tying knots and providing ‘on-the-water’ casting tuition.

We are proud to offer you a guiding team that is second to none. Whatever it is you look for in a guide – boat handling skills, fishing knowledge, positive attitude, keen eyesight, courteous manner, story-telling abilities – you will find it in abundance here at Camp Brûlé.

All our guides are the product of generations of learning, handed down from father to son and whilst once commonplace the guiding techniques deployed at Brûlé are becoming more and more of a rarity today.

Our guiding is carried out from beautiful Gaspe canoes, hand built by Sharpe’s and impeccably maintained by our guiding team. On the Petite Cascapedia river we choose not to use engines, instead recruiting skilled boatsmen who are able to traverse the river utilizing a combination of pole and paddle to maneuver the canoe. Such an approach significantly improves the overall experience enabling us to enter smaller pools without alerting the fish and other wildlife of interest to our guests such as moose, deer, beaver, osprey and bald eagles.

Upon arrival at a pool, confident waders will be urged to leave the canoe and fish down through the pool on foot. For those who prefer to fish from the canoe this is easily handled and your guide will position the canoe for ‘the drop’. Typically, two anglers will accompany one guide in one canoe.  

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